OpenXM 1.2.3

Welcome to the home page of OpenXM 1.2.3


  1. OpenXM RFC's (OpenXM Request for Comments)
  2. OX tags [OX tags].
  3. CMO tags [CMO tags].
  4. SM commands [SM commands].
  5. If you want to add a new OpenXM RFC, please mail to See the specification how to describe OpenXM RFC's.

Documents of OpenXM package

  1. Documents (Asir user's manual, Asir contrib user's manual, sm1 reference manual, etc)

Source Distribution (Download)

  1. OpenXM 1.2.3 [Source (Shift+Click)].
  2. Semi-HEAD branch is available from our ftp site: [Source (Shift+Click)].

Getting the latest version (HEAD branch) from a CVS server



Questions and Answers (in Enshlish) FAQ.
Questions and Answers (in Japanese) FAQ.

The WWW interface for OpenXM CVS Repositry [cvsweb]


  1. Risa/Asir home page at Ehime [Asir].
  2. Risa/Asir (Kobe distribution) download page (for unix and windows) [ Asir download].