OpenXM (Open message eXchange protocol for Mathematics):

Welcome to the home page of OpenXM. Last update is May 8, 2000 JST.

What is OpenXM? It is an infrastructure for mathematical communication. (But, it is not XML.) It is an experiment to connect mathematical software each other on the infrastructure. We are providing packages of mathematical software supporting the OpenXM protocol. See a survey.


  1. Design and Implementation of OpenXM (in English, PS), (in English, HTML), (in Japanese, PS), (in Japanese, HTML).
  2. OX tags [OX tags].
  3. CMO tags [CMO tags].
  4. SM commands [SM commands].
  5. More documents
  6. If you want to add new tags, mail to with a description of the data types. See the specification how to describe the data types.

Source Distributions (RELEASE_1_1_2)

  1. OpenXM, OpenXM_contrib [Source (Shift+Click)].
  2. OpenXM_contrib2 requires a source code license from Fujitsu Lab.

Binary Distribution by tar+gzip (RELEASE_1_1_2) Binary.

Binary Distribution by Packages (RELEASE_1_1_2) Packages.

Questions and Answers (some are in Japanese) FAQ.

Papers and Tutorials

  1. OpenXM --- an Open System to Integrate Mathematical Softwares [Survey].

The WWW interface for OpenXM CVS Repositry [cvsweb]


  1. The primary distribution cite of asir [Asir].
  2. An introductory book on a computer algebra system Risa/Asir (in Japanese) [ Cover Page, ISBN4-87243-076-X ].


  1. OpenXM 1.1.1 (20000124) [ 1.1.1 (January 24, 2000) Experimental ].
  2. OpenXM 1.1.2 [ 1.1.2 (March 20, 2000) Stable, Current].