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a pgb b
array a; array b;
b : [g ii];  array g; array in; g is a Grobner basis of f
             in the ring of polynomials.
             ii is the initial ideal in case of w is given or <<a>>belongs
             to a ring. In the other cases, it returns the initial monominal.
a : [f ];    array f;  f is a set of generators of an ideal in a ring.
a : [f v];   array f; string v;  v is the variables.
a : [f v w]; array f; string v; array of array w; w is the weight matirx.
Example 1: [(x,y) ring_of_polynomials 0] define_ring 
           [ [(x^2+y^2-4). (x y -1).] ] pgb :: 
Example 2: [ [(x^2+y^2) (x y)]   (x,y)  [ [(x) -1 (y) -1] ] ] pgb :: 
cf. gb, groebner, groebner_sugar, syz.

Nobuki Takayama 平成17年2月10日