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: ox_launch : Macros in libraries : localVariables


client aa oxpushcmo (oxsendcmo), client oxpopcmo dd, client popstring dd, client ss oxrpc
Example: oxsm1.ccc [1 2 3] oxpushcmo oxsm1.ccc oxpopcmo /ff set  ff :: 
client ss oxexecutestring(oxsubmit) <<executeString>>, client ss oxexec <<executeFunction>>
client ss oxexecWithOpt 
Example: oxsm1.ccc (0 1 10 { pop $Hello$ message } for) oxexecutestring 
Example: oxsm1.ccc (2).. oxpushcmo oxsm1.ccc (10).. oxpushcmo 
         oxsm1.ccc (power) oxexec  oxsm1.ccc oxpopcmo :: 
client str oxevalname, client str oxsetname, client num oxpops, client oxget
client oxmathcap, client oxsetmathcap, oxgenportfile, oxremoveportfile
client oxpushcmotag
client oxgetsp --- get stack pointer,  client oxgeterrors --- get all errors
cleint oxisData, client oxreset, client oxshutdown
oxhelp for this message
[(oxWatch) client] extension to start a log.
        ex 1.  (ox.sm1) run sm1connectr [(oxWatch) oxsm1.ccc] extension  
               oxsm1.ccc ( [(cmoLispLike) 0] extension ) oxsubmit 
               oxsm1.ccc ( [(cmoLispLike) 1] extension ) oxsubmit 
[(oxSerial)] extension serial-number-of-out-going-ox-packet.
oxpopcmo1, oxpopcmo2, sm1connectr ox_launch, ox_launch_nox
oxNoX : set an environment to invoke oxlog without xterm and to call oxlog with >& /dev/null
        ex 1.  (ox.sm1) run oxNoX sm1connectr 
        ex 2.  (ox.sm1) run oxNoX (x^2-1). fctr pmat ; 
cf. extension-oxLog

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