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f basis ecartd.reduction r
f is reduced by basis by the tangent cone algorithm.
The first element of basis <g_1,...,g_m> must be a standard basis.
r is the return value format of reduction.
r=[h,c0,syz,input], h = c0 f + \sum syz_i g_i
basis is given in the argument format of
h[0,1](D)-homogenization is used.
cf. reduction,, ecartd.reduction.test 
 [[( 2*(1-x-y) Dx + h ) ( 2*(1-x-y) Dy + h )] 
   (x,y) [[(Dx) 1 (Dy) 1] [(x) -1 (y) -1 (Dx) 1 (Dy) 1]]] /ggg set 
 (Dx+Dy) ggg ecartd.reduction ::

Nobuki Takayama 平成17年2月10日