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Cmo extension is for supporting OpenXM cmo data.
See for the latest info.
cmoObjectToCmo obj, cmoDumpCmo cmo-obj, cmoCmoToObject cmo-obj,
cmoCmoToStream cmo-obj stream, cmoStreamToCmo stream, cmoToStream stream,
cmoFromStrem stream, cmoMathCap, 
cmoDebugCMO inteter,  cf. ox, plugin-ox, oxPrintMessage 
cmoOxSystem, cmoOxSystemVersion, cmoLispLike 
Example 1: [(cmoObjectToCmo) 3] extension /ff set ; 
           [(cmoDumpCmo) ff] extension ; 
Example 2: (t.t) (w) file /fd set ; 
           [(cmoObjectToCmo) 3] extension /ff set ; 
           [(cmoCmoToStream) ff fd] extension ; 
           fd closefile ; 
Example 3: Execute the following command on ox_sm1 
           [(cmoLispLike) 1] extension  
           then the received cmo data will be displayed on the server window.

Nobuki Takayama 平成17年2月10日