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<< f v coeff [exponents coefficients] >>
poly f,v; list of integers exponents; list of poly coefficients;
The primitive coeff returns the array of exponents and
the array of coefficients of the polynomial f with respect to
the variable v.
The primitive coefficients have not yet removed for a compatibility with the old macro packages.
Note that the data type of each element of exponents is <Poly>(9) and it may cause a trouble when p>0.
cf. dc,  (interger) dc
C-functions: Kparts2, parts2
Example: [(x,y) ring_of_polynomials [[(x) 1 (y) 1]] weight_vector
           0] define_ring
         (x^2+ x y + x). (x). coeff print ;
  ===>  [ [ 2 , 1 ] , [1 , y+1] ]

Nobuki Takayama 平成17年2月10日