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Doc/appell.sm1   : It generates Appell differential equations.
Doc/bfunction.sm1: Computing the b-function of a given polynomial
                   by using Groebner basis. Written by T.Oaku.
Doc/factor-a.sm1: A sample interface to factor polynomials by risa/asir.
Doc/gkz.sm1     : It generates GKZ systems for given A and b.
Doc/hol.sm1     : Basic package for holonomic systems. Holonomic rank,
                  characteristic ideal, singular locus.
Doc/resol0.sm1  : Constructing Schreyer resolutions. tower.sm1, tower-sugar.sm1
Doc/rest0.sm1   : Computing the restriction (inverse image) as a complex.
                  This package is under developement by T.Oaku.
                  cf. restall_s.sm1, resol0.sm1

Nobuki Takayama 平成17年2月10日