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Mathematica 函数

この節では Mathematica の ox サーバ ox_math とのインタフェース関数を解説する. これらの関数はファイル `m' で定義されているのでこのファイルを load("m")$ でこのファイルをロードしてから使用しないといけない. `m'`$(OpenXM_HOME)/lib/asir-contrib' にある.

注意: ox_reset は動かない.

nobuki@yama:~$ asir
This is Risa/Asir, Version 20020802 (Kobe Distribution).
Copyright (C) 1994-2000, all rights reserved, FUJITSU LABORATORIES LIMITED.
Copyright 2000,2001, Risa/Asir committers, http://www.openxm.org/.
GC 6.1(alpha5) copyright 2001, H-J. Boehm, A. J. Demers, Xerox, SGI, HP.
PARI 2.2.1(alpha), copyright (C) 2000,
     C. Batut, K. Belabas, D. Bernardi, H. Cohen and M. Olivier.
OpenXM/Risa/Asir-Contrib(20020804), Copyright 2000-2002, OpenXM.org
help("keyword"); ox_help(0); ox_help("keyword"); ox_grep("keyword");
     for help messages (unix version only). 
[258] load("m")$
m Version 19991113. mathematica.start, mathematica.tree_to_string, mathematica.n_Eigenvalues
[259] mathematica.start();
ox_math has started.
ox_math: Portions copyright 2000 Wolfram Research, Inc. 
See OpenXM/Copyright/Copyright.mathlink  for details.
[260] mathematica.n_Eigenvalues([[1,2],[4,5]]);

Mathematica is the trade mark of Wolfram Research Inc. This package requires Mathmatica Version 3.0, so you need Mathematica to make this package work. See http://www.wolfram.com. The copyright and license agreement of the mathlink is put at OpenXM/Copyright/Copyright.mathlink Note that the licence prohibits to connect to a mathematica kernel via the internet.

Author of ox_math: Katsuyoshi Ohara, ohara@air.s.kanazawa-u.ac.jp.


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